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Annelies Jonkers 02a - Treehouse, Amsterdam (28 juli 2021) - Foto Benny van der Plank.jpg

Annelies Jonkers

Musician, singer, violin player, composer

Annelies is a musician based in Amsterdam, she plays violin and sings in Trikosis, Legiana Collective, the Bjarke Ramsing band, Diaviolini and Les Filles du Renard Pâle, and screams over electric guitar in Ponyclub Tartiflette. She sometimes composes choir music for Boeuf Majeur or sings a street opera. She loves playing all types of music with all types of musicians, whenever, wherever.


For her solo work she accompanies herself on autoharp, piano or synthesizer and writes songs that feel like timeless folk ballads or psychedelic journeys into inner and outer space. Her biggest inspiration in music are the songs of humpback whales. Annelies also makes abstract artworks. 

Photo by Benny van der Plank

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